About IOJ

Formation of the Institute

Institute of Jainology (IoJ) was established following the first International Jain Conference held in London in 1983, when the need for an organisation to coordinate Jain affairs internationally was recognized. This body was registered as a Charitable Trust in 1986 with registration number 294038. The Trust is administere by a Board of Trustees.It also has a number of Patrons and Scholars who interact with the Trustees, providing advice and support as and when required. Its centers of operations are in London and in Ahmedabad, India.

Objectives of the Institute of Jainology (IoJ)

  1. Provide a platform for interaction between different Jain communities and organisations, where all sectarian traditions jointly promote the faith and engage in discussions amongst themselves, encouraging Jain unity.
  2. Promote interfaith relationships to create a better understanding of the Jain faith and to acquaint the Jain community with other faiths.3. Create an awareness of the history, art, philosophy, and practices of Jain faith, including its relevance to today’s world, particularly with regard to the respect for all living beings and environment.
  3. Provide opportunities for study of the faith, both at the community level and at institutions of higher learning.
  4. Facilitate scholarly research on Jainism through the establishment of scholarships.
  5. Undertake the cataloguing and digitisation of Jain manuscripts and artefacts.

In drawing up these objectives, great care was taken to ensure that all activities undertaken by the IoJ would both complement and supplement the activities of individual Jain community organisations, which have been providing the facilities for their members to practice their faith.

Projects sponsored by the IoJ have been undertaken in support of one or more of these objectives.

Representatives of Jains worldwide at Buckingham Palace, London to present ‘Jain Declaration on Nature’ to H R H Prince Philip – 23rd October 1990. This event repositioned Jainism as the eight faith of the world and marked its entry to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Offices of the IoJ

The Institute maintains offices in London and in Ahmedabad. London office is the coordinator for activities of the IoJ worldwide and the centre of all projects that take place outside of India. this office also provides assistance as necessary with activities within India. Ahmedabad office is the centre of all India-based activities. It provides assistance in organising and presenting functions for other Jain organisations, particularly when several organisations plan joint celebrations of particular festivals or occasions. It also provides assistance with overseas projects.

Ahmedabad office maintains databases of Jain organisations worldwide, Jain pilgrimage places, and Jain publications and scholars.